***Welcome…. And Beware***


Most things you will see are pieces of me… In breadcrumb poems and rants that are begging for someone who wants to know more about me to find… I am sure that most will not care to learn more… because people generally don’t take the time to learn about an individual. Instead people will hear something… and run with it.

“I heard she is crazy and dramatic… be careful with that one!

“I dated her before. She is cool, and she’d good in bed… but she started tripping on me”

I used to be her friend… but she was too much”

She had cancer… she changed after that shit…”

I heard she was a hoe… I mean, she did have a bunch of dudes… She probably is a hoe…”

“Did anyone ever just ask her?”


You see the last statement? This blog will answer every question that I have ever questioned about myself. It will explain everything I have done. This shit will tell you every WHY there is to me…

Domonique. Or Dom for short.

On the surface you find a breast cancer survivor, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a bitch, a friend. I guess to most I am attractive.

Recently, I have even discovered that I might even be beautiful. Maybe…

My Poetic Rants are necessary. Especially for me. Writing is something that I just do dammit. I can write the ugliest of tragedies and make them glitter. I choose to write the ugliest of my truths and share them with the world. Sometimes writing them physically and literally hurt my heart. They are not all beautiful and may offend some. This is a fear that I do not have. Hurting someone else with my truth can never be as painful as it is to me accepting those very truths. I say all this to say that I do not give a fuck about how anyone feels about my experiences. They are my experiences… comments are always welcome. Respective opinions are also welcome… But disrespect and negativity will be ignored and not tolerated what-so-ever.

I also have a section called #WritingForAFriend these pieces are tragedies that are not mine… but I have chosen to live through for my peers. If you have something you would like me to write out that happened to you… please feel free to comment with your email and I will contact you privately. I am always looking for new content!