Less Talking, More Writing… Just love, and stop fighting. Stack your money girl, then multiply it.. . Start living girl you’re done dying… face all your truths girl and stop lying… these fuckers wont ever be happy…girl stop trying… You didn’t get all those fucking scars, and certainly didn’t come this far… to be complaining that life’s too hard… like you didn’t snap back, like you not on track like you didn’t get a better crib AND car… Its you, your door and your four girl that what your favorite auntie said… that’s the motto till your fucking dead… when your broken call her first instead, then tell only bestie… and only share with her the wisdom you’re fed. Cancer where girl? You’re on top of the world… getting known all over the city… bomb ass hair, face so pretty… that love is real that ain’t no pity…Girl when they love you they gone hate too, that’s just the territory…. its okay though.. don’t get sad Domonique, just add it to your story.. now WRITE IT ALL no guts, no glory… Less talking Dom… just save it… because they don’t appreciate it… maybe when you get famous… they gone call like “Dom Come SAVE US!”
But ignore them girl…. keep writing though… keep getting your fans excited though… because they LOVE you girl and rightfully so…you came on the scene like a fucking animal..Naw not a snake bitch… more like a BEAST bitch, and if they disagree they’re WEAK bitches…tell them STFU and take fucking seats bitches…  honestly… they’re all talk probably won’t ever meet bitches…
(Ok ok ok I only said that ’cause it flowed nicely… I felt like throwing in another style of writing, because I gotta keep y’all sparks ignited… and I can say whatever bitch, I WILL KEEP WRITING…)
but anyway… I think you get it Dom, on to the next topic.. as long as you keep on fucking writing and don’t you fucking stop it… whatever life hits you with this time… don’t let life “writers block” it… and remember…

You’re the shit girl…. its okay to BE COCKY!

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