why didn’t I?

Why didn’t i get the memo… that our love came to an end…  you had me walking round here loveless… venting to some man… all that talking didnt mean nothing… and now we are fucking and i wish it meant something….

I know shit was hard and I know that we been dealt every card… every single little piece of colorful thin card board… now you wanna tell me we done for? maybe I could have just damn done more, but that’s neither here or fucking there… now shits been thrown everywhere and I’m looking at a locked door….

But if we stop talking literal we know the door has been shut… if we start being realistic… you have been loving me that much and since we talking about what we doing… why we not fucking that much…. have we been through that much… I’m at the end of my “Midas Touch”… that’s why fucking cry so much…. because baby we not golden..why didn’t i know to let it go… why didn’t i know it was the end of our show… why didn’t i get that strength you have… why didn’t I get the memo… why can’t I fucking laugh…

that’s the problem I just be thinking stuff… and apparently I didn’t think enough… because the way you looking through me not at me… tells me that there’s no love… just a fucking shell of us…

why didn’t I know we lost it… can I get it back… what are we costing?

do I want it back… in all this have I lost me… what the FUCK did you really cost me…

I feel fucking dead….. why didn’t I know this love would OFF me…

im done….



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