You shouldn’t cage a cheetah..

It’s a bad fucking idea,  That motherfucking thing will kill you if it ever got free…. if it ever felt caged up like me. Held down. Unable to to just BE…. Especially when it could be running wild…running lighting speed.. living life without want, bitch and without need. If it ever discovered that it’s freedom was upheld due to selfish humans and ignorant greed…… ooooooh weeee it will be a bad day indeed… the day that cheetah got freed….

Anyone who sat and watched that cheetah suffer…. will wish they were someone else…. bitches better find fucking cover… promise they won’t try to catch another…. because that cheetah is taking names… even if its her brother

If your going to cage a cheetah… you better kill the cheetah. Stab in the fucking heart…. It’s the only way you can defeat it… because as long as that cheetahs heart is beating…. death to cagekeeper is the mission… the cheetah will die to defeat it… that cheetah wont stop till that bitch is bleeding…

ask me how i know… its cause that fucking cheetah is in Me… the fucking cheetah has been set free… bout to make em sweat for ever trying to cage me…. you will see….

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