dead babies

I’m tired of seeing dead babies… beaten, bruised, bloody red babies… born to die… all these unfed babies… what hell is in these moms heads lately…. make me question myself as a mom lately… is there anything that life could do to make me…. take matters in my own hand and kill my babies? Could i let a motherfucker come and rape my babies… would I let someone come and take my babies?

Yesterday I picked up a dead daughter… today I got a shot up son… and what’s fucked up is I grabbed some dead twins… all before ONE month was done… I know work should just stay that… I know work shouldn’t change the way I act… but after my 10th kid I picked up from gun violence… you might as well just say fuck that… silence won’t bring these kids back… they are gone forever as a matter of fact…
Their story is at the ending… didn’t even get a real beginning… my patience for this shit is thinning… this bullshit has my fucking head spinning… I’m clearly losing it evidently…

Or maybe my reaction is right…. Because a kid with a bullet hole is a hell of a sight… or a kid whose mom snapped in the middle of the night…. These kids never got an ounce of respect… just got fucking beat or hands on their neck… one baby I picked up had a crack in her head… because her mom got drunk and home she sped….

Why are all these babies dead?

The deserved more than a life like this… they deserved just one more goodnight kiss… they deserve compassion and for someone to think like this… if only their mothers were to think like this…maybe then their life didn’t have to end like this…

Each time I dread opening up that bag… especially when I know it’s gone be bad… but it’s a dead baby… so inevitably it will be bad…  but sometimes I feel that I was sent because I’m compassionate and I know its okay to be sad….

Because…. what the mother fuck? I’m supposed to be happy? While all this crime and rage is fucking happening… I just want it to stop so fucking badly… but since I can’t stop it I just had to address this I’m passionate… I just want to know what my city is lacking… all this new life they are attacking… no love and these bodies are stacking up… dead babies that is…these numbers racking up… Each time… it gets less and less tough… though I try not to get used it… that’s starting to get kind of rough….

When will folks see a baby and just see fucking love…


Am I the only one who gives a fucking fuck….? When will enough be e- fucking -nough?

I quit for now… I’m just fucking done….


14 thoughts on “dead babies

  1. saynotoclowns says:

    OMG, I pray for emergency workers and people like you…I just can’t imagine how horrific this would be. I so admire you! And yes, be sad!!! Our whole world is so desensitised…it needs people like you to remind it how horrific it is and it’s not okay!
    I hope there are resources nearby for you to debrief etc? There’s only so much of this a human can take before losing it. I am soooo glad you write about it! ❤

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  2. 1Wise-Woman says:

    This is so terribly heart breaking. What is your job, if you don’t mind my asking? I used to work with children that were abused and neglected and it is a hard job that takes a very strong, yet also sensitive soul. I can’t imagine the kind of strength you possess. I agree with other comments and hope you have the opportunity to debrief, it sounds extremely difficult and so very, very sad. Sending you extra love and strength ❤


  3. braveandrecklessblog says:

    I have 100% confidence that you make sure your crew makes sure that every lost life is treated with reverence and respect. I worked for three years doing play therapy with abused and traumatized kids. I have been that therapist calling the department of human services at 8 pm because I was worried about a kid’s safety once they got home. Every child deserves a chance to grow and thrive.


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