She laughs???

​Today a great friend and i had a conversation.. and though it wasn’t serious… I am VERY serious about my makeup. NO, I dont wear it everyday… Well… I wear it most days… lol

Today I took some time to read over my blog… and while I LOVE everything I’ve written…  I am coming off a little intense!!!!!  Don’t be mistaken.. I have some real intense days… but i am doing you all the greatest disservice by not LAUGHING WITH YOU! I want to show you all every aspect of ME… not just the deep, poetic ball smasher I have presented. The best part of my life now is that I laugh more than EVER, even at the serious shit. Life is ugly… but nothing is more pure and beautiful than laughter.. and peeps…. I LAUGH ALL DAYYYY and I LIVE to make others laugh…

And I like most girls have a guilty obsession with Snapchat filters… tee hee


I am going to start introducing more video!!! My pieces that get the most activity will be recorded so you can hear me read it to you! Also I have some pieces that would be better recorded!! So stay tuned for that as well!!! And dear goodness NO MY SERIOUS ASS RANTS WILL NOT HAVE A SNAPCHAT FILTER! 

Now… who started this shit about makeup being a bad thing???? Enjoy! 🙂

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