Hey… let’s talk for for a second… let me sit on you lap for a second.. we can’t have love now but maybe in 2027… maybe then I could just be your blessing. Maybe I could be the one for you.. maybe then you wouldn’t second guess me. Maybe then it wouldn’t be as messy… maybe life won’t be so heavy… maybe….

I mean then… I won’t have no babies. My oldest will be fucking 19… and he’s just like me.. but like better so more than likely… he gone be in someone college stunting… then the baby will be 13… she won’t be lurking.. she has a daddy.. and he keeps her busy…. so maybe then you’ll fuck with me… I met you when life was fucking shit… and we never acknowledged what we know this is… a love that can’t happen… it’s the dumbest shit.. because life never let it.. it just is what it is… well… you probably think i’m crazy anyway. For even sitting here talking about this today… you a fly guy you really don’t care what I say… but if things were different baby bet I could change your way…. of thinking….  keep them eyes open no blinking. What’s in this blunt we chiefing… the time has come already??! Are you really leaving? I’m a fool for believing… for even day dreaming… but as you walk away your smile is just beaming… as you walk away my legs are getting weak and… i’m sitting here wondering what you doing this weekend. You probably gone be on a flight… leaving my kitty needing though … can’t be begging and pleading though can miss what I’ll never know… but I sure wish I could go… so I could fuck you on a balcony… overseeing some views while you cum on me… i’m so blunt see and I need to fucking stop it it’s so bummy of me… this could never happen.. it’s kinda funny to me… to really think a man like you could give some loving to me… you just like me baby… such a savage to me… I wrote this to say our timing sucks… but you will never be average to me…



(DISCLAIMER.. Yesss I can write about things other than haters! Sometime’s I pick a subject… and just dive in… how was this one?)

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