I’m sorry… Its too late…

I have accepted that we won’t be great
I swallowed my pride and accepted the terms of our fate..

So I must drift upward now, it’s time for me to leave this dark, dead place… the time has come for me to move on and elevate. Elevate what you say? Elevate My mind, my spirit my esteem, its time to chase my dreams.. and now it fucking seems like… its bothering folk… all this time I have been a fucking joke living my life for those who left me out in the cold… I forgive and I’ll forget though honey, I’m being smart and taking the high road.. looking like goodbye road.. I’m sorry
No never mind I am not sorry… you might might like them… but my reasons are MINE they work for me on my time.. I never asked you to agree with it… just like you never asked me, so please let’s call it even please let’s just let it be… because my heart is finally free…

Its too late for us to fix it… I am fine, I accepted it… everything is great.. its copacetic… why don’t you fucking get it…

Its my life. Those are MY kids… I decided who they can and can’t leave with… this is my story… my victory… I deseve all the people that’s rooting for me…. I deserve FULL SUPPORT… not to feel like it’s a chore… after all the songs I sang for you… why cant you at least pretend to adore me? I deserve to speak MY truth… regardless of how it affects you… when all you were worried about is what I would say if I left you… but then you left me….

And even though it was tough it was a blessing…even the cancer, the babies, and finally a man who sees the best in me… and I don’t know how when my mood alters so unexpectedly… everything that’s happened has gotten me ready for me to be the best me… even though my past hasn’t been so pretty… one day I promise you want have a CHOICE to sit down and get to know me… even the old me… and especially the new me… as a I continue to do ME… it’s my turn to shine… it’s your turn to sit back and just view and watch others view me… because I deserved all the love you always refused me….

watch me glow with the scars from when you abused me… because its too late I said… never again will you use me

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