Because… today I am the shit

Yesterday i was a mess… I was so low I couldn’t lead.. I was so weak i couldn’t even be lead. I went in the bathroom to fix my fucked up self… but i was unable to… and pathetically I dove deeper into the darkness instead.. As a last resort… I picked up what little me was left and tried to make love… or at least to get bent over the edge of the bed… but it sucked… literally and figuratively because he only wanted head… so after I selflessly accepted his load… and added his bull shit on top of my own.. I laid down… “tomorrow HAS to be better…” to myself i said…


It’s like the universe heard me… Shout to my homies above… you never desert me……


So…Today…First off… I woke up, and that was enough! Ok, let us continue… because I am NOT done


I woke up and I left my insecurities in the past. I hopped out of the bed so fucking fast… Because… I choose to no longer dwell on what pains me, I don’t do tit for tat.. Not even tat for tit… maybe back then, but not now. Because today, I am the shit.


On this day I deem myself a goddess. 

Don’t be surprised if from my pores Melanin and Honey drip… and I might have wanted you to drink me yesterday but today not even a sip. Should’ve appreciated this pussy yesterday… ‘cause today I am the SHIT…


Yesterday I was on some peasant shit… Today I’m on some bow down in my presence shit… what ever thoughts of me swimming in your head are irrelevant…. Because today I am the fucking shit!


I am a lioness hear me roar… if you don’t like how I rule, leave my kingdom I’ll hold the door

OPEN… now go and don’t look back at me… I’m tired of you attacking me… just keep on walking I am not paying you a dime of my mind… why the hell are you still talking… you’ve taken enough of my time…. Dont worry about me… I’m the shit baby… I’m fine.


All these haystacks out here… and I am the needle, maybe I want love, but I don’t need it… .I’m the shit by myself.. I’m already full of myself baby… he just likes to feed me… Its okay if I were you I would want to be me… maybe not ME exactly but you wish you were okay with being free..

Im the shit today and and everyday I i strive to always be.. But you will be the shit to when you accept that you are conforming… to a lifestyle where you have to hide your glory…


I’ve been, there… cried… there…. Came back to life because a part of me died there.. I deserve to tell my story…


Because I am the shit… I want all that is coming for me…

13 thoughts on “Because… today I am the shit

  1. Eric says:

    Your confidence is inspiring. I need to remember to do this more. I never look at myself like this, even when others tell me I should. Life has me always afraid of hubris. I should learn to be less superstitious.


    • BoldBeat&NipLESS says:

      Oh honey thank you!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! It is not easy to be free. So much responsibility and accountability comes with freedom. But so much more reward comes!

      Liked by 1 person

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