Short and not so Sweet…

img_1897How dare you come in my fucking happy place… attempting to steal my happiness and knock me on my fucking happy face. I have spent about 45 days picking myself up… and i did it all alone too.. I brought myself from a valley, and for about a half a decade…I stumbled around that shitty space… but don’t pity me. I wasn’t shit to be around anyway… I was ignorant, selfishly flinging around stinking horse shit… and though people were mad they sat and ate it…and then finally it was my turn to take a taste.

Go ahead… laugh… please I beg.. But don’t laugh behind my back while looking at my pretty curls… laugh in my pretty face instead. But don’t let my years of my transgression of etiquette go to your head. Because finally i see that my failures and weak moments keep my story fat and fed. Without my weak will my story would be boring and dead… because if i never fell i would have never had to get up… if i never failed then nothing would need to be said…

I just wish instead of all that crying i was writing… I wish that instead of stopping and writers cock blocking i kept writing all this shit thats got yall jaws dropping…but now that I started no one can stop me…i really pity the fool that decides to try and block me.

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