look at me…


Look at me…

Right at me….


I know I am a lot to take in… but take a peek anyway… look at every mark and every curve… look at the scars… I went through some shit I didn’t deserve… I had to cut off my lifeline… because it couldn’t be straight with me… and I wanted to drive a straight path…. I grew tired of the twists and turns….


Look at me….


Would you believe I was a hoe? Would you believe that I didn’t love myself? Can you believe I settled for someone else’s flow? Would you believe that I was girl that was always let go…  I am about to make them SICK as fuck now… but I can’t focus on them… I am too busy trying to grow…


Don’t look away….

And don’t you dare fucking judge… you couldn’t walk a block in my shoes… I’ve been through way too much… some call me crazy… risky… but really, I’ve just ran out of fucks… I want the world to know that its okay to not be born with LUCK…


Because I was born to fight… I was blessed with strength… every battle I fought… I would fight again… but I would fight it smarter… working 10 times harder… I wouldn’t cry this time… I would stand taller… head to toe in armor…


Can you see me?




I hope you always see me… I hope you understand what tried to defeat me… I hope you can relate but never have to fight what tried to beat me… I wish this on no one… sometimes I used to lay by the toilet wondering why it had to be me… I now know I fought because this world needs me…


7 thoughts on “look at me…

  1. Her ex man says:

    I bet your ex man is hating right now!! He wish he had that to come home to 1000!! Domonique 😍
    Naw but on a serious note you are not forgotten 💯💯


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