My First Book Review… AND….

The release of my YouTube Channel!!!!! (Finally)

DOMTHEBLOGGER is officially on YouTube!!!!!!

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!! If you have a channel I will of course return the favor!

First video is a review of the book “Men Don’t Love Women Like YOU!” by G.L. Lambert

Here is my take on the book…



Please comment and let me know your thoughts on a book sooo…. different! You all can expect some comedy, location reviews around my town and where I visit, vlogs and poetry reading on my channel.

I. AM. SO. FUCKING . EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for your never ending support! If there is something you would like to see…. let me know!

8 thoughts on “My First Book Review… AND….

  1. Eric says:

    That was great, Lady! I appreciate that you have done it with passion, as you always do. I like the fact that you are being yourself and it seems very personal and fun!! Great editing too…very smooth. I’ll be anxious to see your next one. Well done and congrats again!!! 😊


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