Happy End of the Holidays

When the changes are endless…

Sometimes you are antsy and relentless

To see an end of this chapter

You have taken a long enough look

At this awful, horrendous part of this book

That you are 100% ready to see what is to come after.

Though you ended with a cliff hanger…

That was due to your decision to be a game changer

You stand true to your process

You focus of your offense

Until eventually you have clarity

And a clear mind is free…

Because a clouded mind is hopeless

And it preys on the broken…

The end of this season isn’t the end of you

It is just simply time to change your point of view

Just make yourself you top priority, your main focus

because you’re more than worth it…

Cheers, to new beginnings.

Which can only happen when you accept those necessary endings.

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