Fuck the Flow…

If you look up one day and notice that I’m taken

Just know that I got a good one, and know that he is patient

My year ended with a blow, no longer can I settle


I was so disgusted with myself…

My heart of gold was belonged to a fuck boy

My heart embezzled

I spent so much time in the valley

But now I am at the top

So if you are coming at me with half ass love


Just stop.


I deserve every call back..every ounce of respect, every compliment, and more than enough time spent. I want a place on your life, and not just a place in your bed. I want a man who wants me and not just sex. A day better not go by without a call or a text. I don’t want a man who lies and has me at home worrying and shit… I am tired of running into men who can only offer me dick… I swear… this generation of men is embarrassing and the lack of chivalry makes me sick!


Even though I would love to be done.

I would love to find the one

I would love to be asked about our issues

And be able to respond and say “None!”


I never thought I would be part of a team

I used to think it was impossible…

But with this new found love for me…

It isn’t as unreachable as it seems…

I had to become the woman who was ready…

So I could meet the man of my dreams

I had to even appreciate the heartbreaks in-between.


Confidence isn’t something that’s bought

But through tough lessons it can be taught…

After every piece of your peace has been lost..

After every battle you could ever fight has been fought…


Unconditionally loving yourself may appear to be overwhelming

But its not…

Sometimes after you have given yourself to so many…

You get the short-end of the stick… but find yourself available

around the clock?

Have the strength to say no… fuck their needs… fuck the flow…

If it doesn’t make you happy… stop holding on let it go…

Don’t hide your feelings… if they hurt you let them know..

Stop keeping that smile on your face if you’re dying inside…

Free that pain …don’t be afraid to let it show


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