Am I just stupid? My hopeless soul… deep down i just knew it. I’m fucked as a whole.. I thought I was ready… but now I can’t do this… I felt so on top of shit,  now I feel foolish. What is it with love? Why do I suck? Always get stuck giving a fuck. I think… well… I thought that you could be it. Before all this shit. And feelings and balls have been played with… and ass has been kissed… shit’s complicated… I should have just left… I feel like a whore… I just want to exhale. I can’t take anymore.. I struggle so much. I know what the cause is… I fall for men who magnify what my flaws is… I mean.. “flaws are”. My head’s a clusterfuck, I should get in my car.. But I can’t find my keys… like I can’t find your heart… I am so out of luck…  so fucked from the start… more than I perceived… or refused to believe… should’ve kept my mouth shut… because shit went south… it’s too late though… so now I should go… wish I took this “L” in private.. But now it’s out everyone knows… I tried and I failed… guess that’s how it goes… I’ve been on a life high… should’ve expected some lows. I always bounce back… this didn’t kill me, I’m stronger in fact. It’s your fucking loss… just look at me baby… I am too dope to toss… like some fucking trash… you’ll miss what we had… but that’s just too bad.. Life is too short to not live and laugh… you can’t handle me… I’m not too much. You just don’t have what it takes… YOU aren’t enough.

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