just a little too dope…

I’m a little too dope to be tripping.

Too strong to be slipping.

Too powerful to be ass kissing.

Too bomb for anything less than consistent.

Too royal to be courted by a peasant.

Too loyal to be kept guessing.

So count your blessings, love,

my presence is a whole present.


I look in the mirror daily and scream “I’M GREAT”

So why the hell would I let a fuck-boy keep me up late.

I am way too dope to be moping,

These wack ass men will never have me hoping

I won’t be hoping that they are something they’re not

I won’t be caught with friends trying knock what I got…

Just because I’m imperfect doesn’t mean I’m not hot

I might not have it all but I for sure have a lot.

You see?

You weak links are far too ill-equipped for me…

You have nothing but issues and community dick for me.

I’m at a point where dick means nothing… and sex is starting to bore me

But that’s no surprise, I have fans and sex is not what makes them adore me


It’s because I’m too dope. Just a little too dope.


Denying that fact is the funniest joke.


So many years in silence, I shut them up, yet moved mountains when I spoke.


My life has all these low moments… but I give you all hope


I used to think I was useless… but I’ve lost it all and stood tall, and I never broke.


I stand against the wind in a disaster, smiling because I know I will be better after…


I am just way too dope.


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