letter to my soulmate

I hope you see diamonds when you look at me,

When you picture your best life, I hope it’s next to me.

I’m not perfect, my past is a bit tainted

I hope you see through the demons the more we get acquainted

What ever you desire I got it I promise,

Even if the truth ain’t pretty 

If you’re ever question something  I’ll always be honest

I want you to know all my flaws if you decide to stick with me..

For instance,

The last man I laid with was an idiot.

The one before him was even worst, and I still let him hit

Let’s not forget about the one who left me with a dead kid

I don’t think anyone can hurt me worst than he did.

You might ask why I would ever choose men who never chose me

Why would I do things for them that they could use to expose me

The truth is my love, I used to loathe me

But even at my lowest, I never gave them the whole me.

Sure I let them in my body but never in my soul

They helped passed the time, they were acting, they played a role

I doubted your existence for a while, but I’m done doubting

I had to learn to accept my solitude, so now I’m done scouting

All that bed hopping left me empty, so I quit bouncing

I’m alone but I’m never lonely

My indiscretions run deep but they don’t own me

I knew I had to love all of me in order for you to want me

My confidence is deadly…

Because I know thats what you’re expecting

You are the one who sees beauty in my baggage, 

You aren’t afraid to help me unpack it

You see my talents, you see my come up, you understand my message 

I don’t know if I know you yet but I’m speaking us into existence.

You will accept my ugly interior, and your love will be consistent

A love that helps me grow, and a love without conditions

Because after all I’ve been through you will know thats what I need now

A painless love that wont make my heart bleed out

You know days won’t be perfect, and when I’m spiraling you wont leave out

If I met you now or when I’m 55..

I know 10 years of remission couldn’t make me feel more alive.

I know you won’t distract me from my purpose

I know all this waiting will be worth it

For a love thats imperfectly perfect

No one will stand in my way because the universe knows I deserve it

Everything will be in line

I am all yours, and ready for you to be mine

I am not rushing because you will be here at the perfect time…

I had to accept these years in the dark in order to appreciate your light

Nothing about you will be questioned because destiny is always right

I will love you without fear

All will stop spinning when you’re near..

I guess I’ll see you when you get here…

Love, Dom

3 thoughts on “letter to my soulmate

  1. Eric says:

    Dear Beautiful Soul,

    When they get to you they will know you were their destiny all along.

    I wish them God’s Speed.

    And I wish you peace and a warm and deeply loved heart.


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