Just let me speak….

I am not to be silenced… or subtle… or sweet.. I have no competition… so sit the fuck down there is no need to compete..


Just let me speak….


I come from a place, where weak petty sheep wear scary werewolf clothing… I live in a place, where people ruin lives due to deep self loathing. I walk amongst demons that save…i find myself further confused because I am confronted by angels that kill… and it’s like it doesn’t matter how much i show love to these bitches…for some fucked up reason.. They just want to take life from me for real….  then daily I wonder who has truly abandoned me… and who is walking with me still. When I lived in the footsteps of others,I was forced to wear a muzzle and collar and a leash…. I felt feeble and deceased. … they hoped my destiny was to be someone’s bitch… my insecurities painfully blinded my inner beast. I used to ask questions first… to help validate my existence… to have some type of forced worth. When late at night… i took my mask off… and then all of the force in the universe couldn’t lift me any higher than a inferior pile of dirt….

So today I speak for the broken and breaking the silence of the weak, I scream for the mute, the deaf can hear through what I give them to read. I’m giving some power to the hopeless, it’s weird how assholes hate when it’s time for the next to succeed…because it is enough for everybody. I want for nothing more then for my writing to speak to someone in need… I never want to be considered selfish, there’s nothing pretty about greed… and if you ever sat back and wondered… that is exactly what is so undeniably pretty about me.. Inside and out there us nothing greedy about me… because if i was selfish i wouldn’t be trying to help you greedy bitches truly be free….

I scroll down my timeline at what gets all the attention.. Murders, body’s flying, naked bitches drama, but my writing used to get no mentions.. I’m sick and tired of lonely girls crying moaning and bitching. Girl get you some life boo, stop worrying about that bullshit… stop chasing after a brother that can’t do nothing for you… get out here and grab some confidence, honey get you a man that will adore you! Isn’t the cycle starting to bore you? Aren’t you sick of calling people? Do you like when they ignore you???

I’m sorry I had to say that to, but it applies to more than just a few women, I won’t lie and say I have never been low and pathetic … but men don’t get twisted you think it’s cute to get us addicted… you think it’s cute to fuck women and pretend to be committed… now don’t be mad when Karma comes and your little daughter wants love and can’t seem to get it…

Yea… You with the daughter you call your “star” Oh no did I go too far? Well I don’t give a fuck now like that time in the car… and if there were any fucks left I left them back in the bar… stop acting like its my fault things are the way they are


Deep Breath… Deep Breath…and just remember before you self destruct…I know those temporary highs got you feeling low on luck… but you truly came to far to stand down and stop giving a fuck… Just get up… just get up… stand tall and hold your chin up… I speak to those who feel glued to devastation…. Sign, seal and deliver your soul a letter saying “please dont let them give up…. just please tell them get up”


Because then I got it from here… Just tell me what you need to hear… tell me your deepest darkest fear, baby I am the Queen of Poetic Tragedy… your darkness can find comfort here… come and lay your burdens in my private lair… hold me close… feel my pulse…use my heart as a shoulder or a tissue… and release your hurt there…I might cry when you give it to me the first time… and it might not seem fair… because you are so broken you know you shouldn’t share… but I need to feel it to save you… so lay it on me.. That’s how much I care… I want you tattoo your shame on me… because I am strong enough to endure it.. And make it disappear…let me get rid of the hurt of your past so we can get out of here… finally we can be free and clear… or at least somewhere near….



13 thoughts on “Just let me speak….

  1. Eric says:

    Surrounded by Daemons that save and Angels that kill…That’s not all I got out of this..but those words seemed to sum up something I’ve been trying to express for a long time. You’re amazing and this is brilliant.


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