write… or die….

Hey guys… I know its been a minute, I had to step back. I had some things to finish. Lately I felt like the me I have been trying to be was trying to diminish… but I am splendid… I just had to learn land pretty because I needed to fall… Since I been writing, steady reciting, spitting greatness, I had to slip so I continue to be motivating to y’all. So just one second my brain needs to stretch a little, my mind, my body and my spirit has been crumpled up into a little ball… I unfortunately was too attached… the way I was disregarded was like mourning a death… I felt buried… daily I was becoming exceedingly small… I couldn’t eat.. Nor was I able to feed or serve at all… I almost retired from writing… because the power is frigthening… but I cant stop… its write or die at this point… since I need to have this freedom and all… who can I call?


When I fall on my ass… what do I do when I forget to act like I am strong and I forget that love fucking loathes me and I forget to not expect and I fall for some stranger so deeply and so foolishly fast? Who will remind me that I am a cheetah, I am built to last… I am built to survive… I am built to roam alone… but I was born to write… You’re welcome in advance… You look like you need some life… yea I might be a little broken… But I promise I can fix us all… now that all that was holding me down in life Has been surpassed…


I speak and write LIFE into the forthcoming… I am ready for life and love everlasting. I am ready to see my worth without doubt when it is my time, signals will be flashing. This time I dont have to hate myself, I have released it all, and this time I wont allow time, love or life float past me…. I am ready for a love that fills me up without expectation… I want a LOVE that is not just orgasmic… I do not desire to be in a sometimes high but mostly low love. Because if I am honest, once you reach the climax… it all comes down from there, shit never really lasted.


I don’t want to die… so I must write, I have never enjoyed being the sideline chick. I am better off in the arena baby… I am so perfect with these hands I can write me a life that makes me desire to love it more and not just desire to fight… I have been lurking in the trampy trenches. I want to write me a ladder that leads to a private plane ready to take flight.. It is my time… Allow me to write the mission to abort anything that leads me into a dead end… here is the blueprint of how I will take back my life. Allow me to reap the love I have sewn on these pages… I no longer want to reap strife. Let me write me a husband… because I no longer wish to be nauseous at the thought of being a wife….


Hey real quick though… I am sorry for being a hoe… I was weak, it wasn’t my best minutes, most certainly not my strongest hour… Instead of laughing at the thought of it…. Let me write to this pussy, let her know if she can accept her many affairs…she is still phenomenal, and she still has power…. I will write the orgasms I pretended to have… let me write my best me… I have backspaced and erased my  misdirected shame.. I declare the old me dead and gone… I write Worthy as my new name…


Welcome to my new chapter… Written by ME… Titled “I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME”

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