Your Mouth

‘Twas such a beautiful thing… so full of lust and lies

Full of ways to make me feel like I was alone in this

A false prophet speaking “real shit”… but it sounds so beautiful so you sound wise.

I probably shouldn’t even say all that I am about to say…

I am risking my strength being compromised..

But forgive me I am just being honest…

And honestly from day one… you barely kept one promise.

That pretty mouth of yours it is such a liar

I just wish I knew this before I hung on to every word…

Like your lust for me wouldn’t expire.

I blame me because it was just lust, that was a product of our friendship that I confused as more…

Now you’re talking to me like I didn’t make love to your mouth last week..

What is that for?

That’s why you shouldn’t date while under construction

Stupid me…

I hate that mouth of yours for making beauty out of fucking nothing

And you think this is about dick? Because it’s not…

It was your mouth and all the things it told me

That had me drooling and shit… so seriously fucking stop

If I fucked you with out ever talking to you I wouldn’t have been impressed

Honestly, those few 3 or 4 minute romps I could give back and be content

Your lack of stamina would never be worth this mess

It was the sweet nothings that leaked from that mouth

that temporarily made you worth all the stress.

Don’t take it personal Dom… your favorite line, remembet that?

How can you be upset that I react.. when constantly you’re on bullshit…and your authenticity is an act?

How dare you get irritated because I called you out? How can you deny what is indeed fact?

Your mouth undressed me and then spontaneously gave me the boot

When your beard left, your kindness did too… right out the blue

Maybe it was hiding the truth?

I deserve more than you… if you wonder why I am the way I am it’s because my intent was always true… my actions matched my words… more than I can say about you

Always acting like I am the one who needs a grip… but you’re the one that’s still learning

The things you’re trying to figure out I mastered at 19… yet you’re in your 30s

I can’t believe I cared that you woke up and chose to desert me…

That mouth of yours… can be so sensual and so flirty… until it decided to hurt me

I used to love all there was about your mouth… but now… it seems so dirty

disclaimer and photo credit: this is not the mouth of the man I am referring to… this is Joe Frazier. The photo is from 

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